How to say thank you
How To Say Thank You: 17 Inspiring Ideas
May 2, 2017

Send Gifts By Post: Why Morse Toad Is Re-Establishing The Letterbox

Send Gifts By Post

Send Gifts By Post

Morse Toad Letterbox Gifts:

Send Better Post!

  1. Send gifts by post Ever felt that there were too many texts and emails?

Everything is digital these days, which means it’s here one second and gone the next.
We missed having something real to hold in our hands.

  1. Do you struggle to find the time to buy, write and post a card?

We LOVE the post. It’s the best way to communicate. But we found despite our best intentions, those cards never got written.

  1. Send gifts by postEvery thought a card could taste better?

We love the personal touch of a card, but then again, what do you do with it once you’ve read it?
If you’re going to surprise someone, you may as well do it in style!

  1. Everyone Loves A Surprise In The Post

Ok maybe we’re weird, but we get excited about our own Amazon deliveries, let alone a surprise delivery from someone unknown.

Send gifts by postGetting a parcel is exciting!

Morse Toad is on a mission to make messaging more awesome.

  • Our messages will be tangible real things that land on your doormat. No dings! No inbox!
  • We don’t believe in waste. Our products will be either edible, usable or recyclable. Ideally all of the above.
  • We believe in personalisation. Why? Because your gift should be memorable, which means adding a special magic ingredient. You!
  • Our boxes will fit through the letterbox, so the surprise isn’t dampened by a trip to the Post Office.
  • We use top quality produce so that your surprise is one to cherish, devour, share, & enjoy
Create something special today, and make that person smile, laugh or even cry (with joy!).
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