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April 29, 2017
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May 10, 2017

How To Say Thank You: 17 Inspiring Ideas

How to say thank you

How to say thank youHow To Say Thank You


From the earliest days, one of the first things we are taught is how to say thank you, and with good reason.

“Gratitude is the sign of noble souls” Aesop.

Being grateful is one of the hallmarks of a life well lived. It is not happy people who are thankful, but thankful people who are happy. But sometimes just saying thank you isn’t enough.

We have collected a list of other ways for how to say thank you.



  1. DIY thank you gifts
  2. Personalised gifts – affordable
  3. Personalised gifts – a bit more price


DIY ‘Thank You’ Gifts

  1. Thank You Herb Gift – “Thank You For You Thyme”

This simple and affordable gift idea is a great gesture that is both pretty, thoughtful and practical all in one.

how to say thank youA Night Owl Blog


  1. Chocolate ‘Thank You’ – It ‘Mint’ A Lot ‘Thank You’ Gift

Sticking to the pun theme, this chocolate gift can be personalised in any way you like. Find some yummy mints, a suitable container, and then customise it to look all pretty.

how to say thank you

Happy Money Saver


  1. Donuts ‘Thank You’ Gift Idea + Gift Tag

All the best gifts include food, don’t they? Well, this sweet doughnut surprise will tickle the funny bone as well as the taste buds.

ways for how to say thank youHappiness Is Homemade


  1. Write A Poem to Say ‘Thank You’

For the poets amongst you, a little rhyme adds something really special to saying thank you.

ways for how to say thank you


  1. Berries For Jam ‘Thank You’ Gift

If you like a pun (who doesn’t?), then a little homemade jam with a twist is just the ticket.

  • Thank You Berry Much!
  • Thanks For Getting Me Out Of A Jam.
  • You Are Jamtastic!

ideas for how to say thank youSimply Kierste


  1. The Post-It Note ‘Thank You’ Trail

The beauty of post-it notes is that you can decorate anything in your house with them. You could place a few subtly in cupboards and by the toothbrush. Or perhaps create a trail ending in a surprise thank you gift, or even cover the car in them. All you need to do is add a note to each one saying thank you.
how to say thank you


Personalised Thank You Gifts

  1. Hand Embroidery ‘Thank You’ Gift – £20

You don’t get more unique that this. Your own hand stitched thank you message to hang on your wall. What a cute way for how to say thank you!

ideas for how to say thank youEtsy


  1. Personalised ‘Thank You’ Gift Book – £31.17

Say thank you very much, with a personalised book! With this company, you create your own book all about how grateful you are with characters and everything.

Love Book Online


  1. Personalised Prosecco ‘Thank You’ Gift – £22.99

Nothing says thank you better than bubbles (and maybe chocolate). Go one step further. Make that thank you personal!

say thank you

Getting Personal


  1. Donate In Someone’s Name

We love this idea. If you think the world has enough stuff, and money could be better placed, then every time you send a gift, you can donate to a good cause. Say a truly unique “thank you” by giving a fun and meaningful Must Have Gift. Example Blanket £10 Back to School Kit £20

how to say thank you

Must Have Gifts



  1. ‘Thank You’ Flowers Tn The Post – £20-26

This company really is exceptional. Being able to send a stunning bouquet through the letterbox. It’s amazing they arrive intact. We sent these to our Mum’s as a subscription. Went down a storm.

how to say thank you

Bloom & Wild


  1. ‘Thank You’ Cupcakes – Gift Box Of 9 –  £27.50

Cupcakes! Nothing to add here. Everyone loves a cupcake. Even that scary biker guy with a beard and skulls on his jacket!

say thank you

The Little Cupcake Company


  1. Meringue Girls Rainbow Jar Thank You – £35

(for multiple thank you’s unicorn poo mini jar £6 each min of 3)

Meringues are kind of the dieter’s cupcake? Mostly air right? Still, maximum points for taste, although we think this thank you gift might never be eaten it looks so pretty.

how to say thank you

Meringue Girls


  1. ‘Thank You’ Hamper – Afternoon Tea Hamper £24.95

A good old fashioned British ‘thank you’ comprising of one significant ingredient: Tea. If a cup of tea isn’t a nice way to say thank you we don’t know what is.

how to say thank you

Letterbox Hamper


  1. Dedicate a Tree to Say ‘Thank You’ – £15 suggested donation

We love this idea. Say thank you via the medium of re-forestation. With so many cards being sent out affecting our dwindling supply of trees, why not reverse the trend? Donate a tree!

ideas for how to say thank youWoodland Trust


  1. Balloons Pop Me Message – £6.44

So you can buy these balloon ideas, but really we think its just as easy to do it yourself. Fill with confetti. Include a rolled up message. Cut out the ‘Thank You So Much’ from paper and stick it to the top. Simple!

how to say thank you



Personalised Thank You Gifts – A Bit More Pricey

  1. Aerial Thank You Message – ??? £Lots

Have you got some spare change? Do you want to thank a lot of people all in one go? Like Swindon? If you want to thank Swindon for something then this is how to do it: sky writing.

say thank youAirads

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