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November 23, 2017
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9 Experience Gift Ideas For A Life Well Lived

experience gift ideas
experience gift ideas

How often do you AGONIZE over giving not just a good gift, but a fabulous gift?

Gifts (especially that rare fabulous gift) are a great way to show your friends and family that you care, especially around the holidays.

Figuring out exactly what to get a person can be a huge ordeal. Unless they followed our guide to writing a wish list from a few weeks ago, of course (you can see that article >>here<<)!

But what if they didn’t make a wish list for you to go by, those dastardly fiends? What if they’ve left you stranded on the island of uncertainty, without so much as a foggy suggestion on what they might enjoy as a gift? Fear not, dear reader, because we’ve put together a list of gift ideas, and tips to get ideas, that just don’t quit. We’re talking gifts that aren’t just great to see them open, but ones you know they’ll enjoy year round. Heck, a few of these might even come back to benefit you!

Cooking Lessons

Do you know an amateur Gordon Ramsey, or perhaps a Julia Child you’d like to see cook with a little less butter? Do you know any teens or pre-teens who love to cook? Consider the fabulous gift of cooking lessons or classes or even a party! Great for students making their way off into the world, adults passionate about food, and just about everyone in between, cooking lessons are sure to make a great gift. You may even find yourself invited out to enjoy the fruits of their labours!

We found some very cool options fairly close to home – and

A How-To Book or Video Series

Maybe cooking isn’t the area in which your giftee has (hopefully) expressed an interest in improving or doing. Mercifully, there are thousands upon thousands of ‘how to’, ‘learn how’, and ‘guide for dummies’ books out there that touch upon just as many thousands of different topics.

Does your gift recipient have a latent interest in gardening? Get ’em a book. Have they expressed being keen on woodworking? There is a book for that. Are they interested in learning how to read? Get ’em a book, then read it to ’em. The possibilities are endless! But please be discreet, no gift is considered fabulous if it is embarrassing!

fabulous gift: Cider Injection

Food of the Month Club (Foodie Subscriptions)

Receiving great food is an amazingly fabulous gift. Getting 12 rounds of food as a gift is indescribably awesome, especially if you happen to be one of those aforementioned students. With themes ranging from bacon-related foods to cheeses to imported artisanal pickles (seriously) to “your cider injection”, the surge in popularity that ‘X of the month’ clubs are seeing has created a plethora of options for you to choose from. We are seriously in love with the list we found >>here<<!

Wine of the Month Club

If that student you’re thinking about happens to be in a high-stress program, maybe a monthly care package in the form of fermented grapes would do them a little more good than a packet of artisanal bacon samples. Just like with food of the month clubs, you can easily find beer, scotch, or whiskey of the month options if your giftee isn’t big on wine.

fabulous gift: grooming kit

Grooming Kit

Personal grooming is something that can go the wayside for a lot of us during busy or stressful times. Is there a busier or more stressful time than the holidays?

Whether it’s beard oils with a comb, makeup remover and eyeliner, or just a new toothbrush with some mouthwash. There’s no doubt a grooming kit makes an easy sure-fire hit as a gift (and a great idea for little children to be able to give a fabulous gift too).

personalised chocolate

Magazine Subscription

Believe it or not, magazines still exist in paper form (but digital would work here too!). For what tends to be a reasonable price, you can have your giftee recieve a year’s worth of content from a source they enjoy. If you don’t know what outlets your target might like, consider something that aligns with their interests – sports, science, nature, DIY, you name it, there’s a magazine for it.

fabulous gift: netflex etc

Netflix (or Other) Subscription

Okay, fine. Let’s say you want to get some content for someone that you know for certain they’ll consume. Netflix is the way to go. Most of all, try to think of it as giving them a fabulous gift they will actually enjoy. Rather than seeing it as spending money to ensure that they remain at home glued to their television or smartphone. ‘Tis the season.

Fabulous Skydiving/Ziplining

The complete opposite of a Netflix subscription. Also a gift that might not be well suited for poor old Aunt Eleanor! Purchasing a Skydiving, Ziplining, or other extreme sport ticket for a loved one is guaranteed to earn you the position of ‘favorite’ around the holidays and for year to come. It’ll get them out of the house, that’s for sure…

Museum/Botanical Garden/Planetarium, etc. Membership

While you want your giftee to enjoy your present, you also don’t want them to jump out of an airplane. An annual membership to a museum, art gallery, or aquarium might be what you’re after. Guaranteed to get them out of the house. This will give you ample reasons to have conversations with them about their latest experiences. Better yet, a fabulous way to plan outings together!

That about wraps up today’s post. Can you think of any other ideas of gifts that keep on giving? Let us know what they are in the comments below!

personalised chocolate
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