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May 20, 2019
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August 6, 2019

12 Well Done Gift Ideas

edible birthday gift ideas
well done gift ideas

When someone has achieved great things, it’s always nice to let them know how brilliant they are. But how? Often you can’t see them in person, so what do you send? Whether they’ve just got their exam results, graduated college or got a new job, we’ve come up with our top Well Done gift ideas to help you give them a metaphorical high five.

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  1. Bubble Gum Balloons

well done gift ideas
Peas = carrots. Celebration = balloon. Celebrate their special achievements with this wonderful ‘You Did It’ Graduation Balloon. Great things come in big boxes, and this box is enormous.

Bubble Gum Balloons

  1. Message Muffins

well done gift ideas

Does every A star grade get a chocolate star. We think so. It’s a great well done gift idea to let them know how proud you with are. 

Message Muffins

funny father's day gifts

  1. Message Muffins

well done gift ideas

A double plug for these guys. This hamper is packed full of awesome goodies, and you can complete it with a ‘congratulations’ cookie. If they’ve really smashed it out of the park then this well done gift idea is for you. 

Message Muffins

  1. Kutuu

well done gift ideas

Celebrate their achievements with this cute keyring, so that ever time they go to open the door they can feel proud of their efforts.


  1. So Close

well done gift ideas

We’re a big fan of plants. They look great, they last and enhance our lives in a subtle but meaningful way. That’s why this well-done gift idea is a winner.

So Close

funny father's day gifts

  1. Honeywell Biscuit Company

well done gift ideas

These gorgeous looking vanilla biscuits are the perfect well-done gift idea. Each one contains attractive marble effect icing and hand-painted with metallic gold.

Honeywell Bakes

  1. Nicola Rowlands

well done gift ideas

Where would a gift idea list be without a trusty mug, and here we have none better than a Smart Ass mug from Nicola Rowlands, and better still it’s a decent size too. In my view, the bigger the mug the better.

Nicola Rowlands

well done gift ideas

  1. Rockwell & Wilde

well done gift ideas

Check out this ‘je suit perfect’ jumper . After all that studying and hard work, they probably are.

Rockwell and Wilde

  1. Solesmith

well done gift ideas

Some say boring. Some say unimaginative. But frankly, you can’t go wrong with socks. We all need them every single day, and these can be personalised so that they are constantly reminded of how proud you are. Every step they take is a step forward into their future. Why not do it with pride in your past.


  1. That Card Shop

well done gift ideas

Sometimes what’s needed is a simple card and this one’s a classic. There are puns, and then there are avocado puns. Somehow they seem a cut above. 

That Card Shop


Often, the gift of an experience will be remembered so much more than something temporary. You can’t put a price on memories so they say. Here are a couple of typical well-done experience gift ideas, but there are so many options out there suitable for every personality. I know these are what I would want to do if I had just passed my exams.

  1. Activity Superstore

well done gift ideas

Who doesn’t want to have a go in a sports car or a race car? Everyone needs a thrill now and again. This is a well-done gift that will have them talking like they’re Lewis Hamilton forevermore.

Activity Superstore

  1. Virgin experiences

well done gift ideas

There’s sky diving, and there’s sky diving without the 5,000 ft potentially lethal drop. This one seems like a safer bet, and if it goes down well, they can always head to the aeroplane.

Virgin Experience Days

well done gift ideas

So that’s a wrap for our selection of well done gift ideas.  We hope you liked our suggestions. Here’s to rewarding those high achievers in your life.  

If you’re interested in guest posting for us, we are looking for people to create homemade gift instructions, including photos and video. If interested, do get in touch. We’ll pay for any articles we use.  

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